Unleashed Assistant is a browser extension (currently only for Google Chrome), which works on Unleashed’s SaaS inventory management system web interface and assists a user deal with issues related to inaccurate exchange rate.

Unleashed inventory supports only predefined currency exchange rates, set per company. This requires the user to manually update the exchange rate for purchase orders, sales orders, credit notes and sales invoices to match the exchange rate for the required date. Such a requirement increases the chance for errors and inaccuracies in a business’ operation. As B2C becomes more popular the need for spot rates increases as well.

Unleashed Assistant automatically checks the required exchange rate for the appropriate date and compares it to the exchange rate entered in a purchased order, sales order, credit note or sales invoice. When the entered exchange rate is too different from the actual exchange rate the user is alerted and given the option to update the exchange rate.

Hundreds of currencies are supported and the exchange rate is sourced from Open Exchange Rates

Watch the following video for an introduction to Unleashed Assistant

Read Unleashed Assistant’s documentation for more details.

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