A web application system designed for the delivery of reports and alerts.

Used for monitoring, alerts, improved efficiency and reducing manual processes.

For dedicated and targeted marketing with built in integration to Mandrill (transactional emails for Mailchimp), deliver beautiful newsletters and transactional emails to clients and stake holders.


Automatically, on a predefined schedule run SQL query on RDBMS and deliver the results in one of many ways.

  • Simple email as body text,
  • Simple email as CSV attachment,
  • Results as CSV file on FTP/SFTP host
  • As link to CSV file inside the system, for improved security
  • Transactional email using Mandrill (Mailchimp)
  • Send SMS

Deliver your data as often as you need and to as many recipients as you need at no extra cost.

With unlimited users, unlimited DB connections, user permissions management, simple task creation wizard, clean and beautiful GUI.

Autoquery by Webs app solutions is a cost effective and efficient solution with immediate ROI and low TCO.

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