Every business has data. Every business wants to visualise it. To be able to slice and dice, integrate with it and explore it. To have the data at their fingertips in dashboards graphs. Any time. Looking beautiful and ready for consumption.

Business owners and decision makers are often hooked on the idea that “self-service BI solutions” are the cure for all their sorrows. An all-inclusive self-service BI platform will transform their business. Will bring visibility and order into the amounting data they collect. Reduce overheads on producing the same reports on and on. Day in Day out. Creating one unified truth for all staff to look at.

Hands down – Self-service BI will most likely deliver this to you. 100%
BUT the ugly truth is that in 85% of the cases no one really uses it to its full capabilities.
We all want the bells and whistles, but rarely do we use it.
Owners, Managers, Sales staff, Marketeers etc… from our experience, will rarely explore data on their own, build their own visualisations, “Search for new insights” (a term very fond on BI solutions salespersons).

Truth is they all want reports produced, visualised and delivered; ready for chewing and swallowing. No extra work. At best, to integrate with the data through some filters.

For this type of reporting and analysis, there is really no need for costly solutions.
Absolutely no need to embark on a long and expensive road of proof of concept, implementation, training and big $$$, while there are solutions that can deliver at a fraction of the time and cost.
Most likely these solutions are already at your disposal or can be downloaded today free.

Part of our core values at Websapp solutions, is to avoid shoving and pushing to our client’s costly and expensive solutions. Not to reinvent the wheel and always lean towards the free and readily available solutions.

As part of our services in the area of data analysis and reporting, we can help your business with two of our favourite solutions. Power Pivot and Qlik Sense.