PO2SO – Purchase Order to Sales Order – is a system built on top of Unleashed Software APIs.

Unleashed software is a SAAS inventory management solution, packed with features, beautiful GUI and user friendly.

PO2SO allows for the automatic exchange of information between a client and a supplier, both using Unleashed.

By means of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and through the use of Unleashed APIs, Purchase Orders placed in a client account are transmitted automatically to a supplier account as a Sales Order.

During an exchange of information between PO to SO, data is validated on both supplier and client accounts. Only validated and accurate data is transmitted while errors and invalid data are captured. On every EDI event, a notification message is sent to both supplier and client.

PO2SO can be used in simple supplier/client relationships as well as in intricate structures with multiple organisations and intercompany purchases/sales.

PO2SO advantages are in

  • Cost  reduction – less time is spent handling paperwork or emails.
  • Error reduction – usually introduced by humans involved in a process
  • Faster processing – for greater client satisfaction

PO2SO for Unleashed Software, is offered on a month to month subscription with no long term commitment.

Cost effective and efficient with immediate results, PO2SO will be a valuable addition to your business.

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