There is little point to deny it; excel is by far the most common tool used for reporting and analysis. Fact is that any BI solution, will always boast its capabilities to export data to excel. And decision makers out to purchase a BI solution will always ask “Can it export to excel”?

Why not go straight to the source then? Why not just use excel?
Excel has its limitation but with a free add on called Power Pivot (by Microsoft) and with a little help from us, you can transform your excel and have at your disposal a truly amazing tool.

Power Pivot is best described as “excel on steroids”. A tool to visualise your data, manipulate it and give it meaning and form.

  • Enables you to work with millions of rows as opposed to the excel limitations of 1,048,576
  • Combine data from multiple sources (CSV, MySQL,SQL,XML, Access and many more)
  • Create beautiful dashboards, reports, charts and graphs
  • Create calculated fields on your data
  • Distribute and share your data and dashboards
  • 100% free and more cost effective than any other platform
  • With excel like feel, further work on your data the way you are used to.

Websapp solutions can help with connection to your data, designing and creating dashboards and reports. We will train you on how to work with your own data, visualise and manipulate it using Power Pivot.
Thereafter we will set you on your own new discovered path to work with your own data and give meaning to it. With no on-going fees or cost.

If you want to see how Power Pivot can improve your reporting practices and methods, reduce your overheads to produce the same reports over and over; all at a fraction of the cost of a BI solution contact us today for an obligation free discussion.