Qlik Sense is a self-service BI for data visualisation, exploration and analysis.
Qlik Sense family of products has 3 main offerings

  • Desktop
  • Cloud
  • Enterprise (deep pockets…)

As Webs app solutions strives not to commit our clients to costly solutions, in most cases not needed, we focus our services on Desktop and cloud solutions which are free or cost minimal to run.

Qlik Sense Desktop
Anyone can download Qlik Sense Desktop, connect to their data and start producing beautiful reports and dashboards in minutes. Truly explore your data, and integrate with it. Search by keywords and produce slides and storyboards. Create your desired business application, and thereafter reuse, refresh or share it.

  • Combine all your data from multiple sources.
  • Search and explore your data based on keywords and relationships.
  • Enables you to work on large sets of data, and down to your desired granularity.
  • Create visually appealing business applications with dashboards, reports, charts and graphs.
  • Distribute and share your applications.
  • Add-ons marketplace for extensions to further enhance your Qlik Sense application.
  • 100% free on the desktop and cloud solution.
  • Exports to excel.

Qlik Sense Cloud – Basic
Similar to Qlik Sense Desktop, the cloud solution is free to subscribe and share your visualisations with some exceptions and limitations. Connectivity can be only to web files and flat files like excel/csv, sharing is limited to a handful of users (5) and application sizes are minimal (25MB).

Qlik Sense Cloud – Business
QSCB further enhances and compliment the free version of Desktop and Cloud basic. With larger application sizes, user administration and governance, large number of subscribers/viewers, scheduled data refresh and a constantly growing list of available data connectors.

Though your business does not require our help to start you up today with Qlik Sense, with the plethora of training videos, community blogs, books and support available, Webs App solutions can shorten the time to get you up and running with your own working business application.

We will help you understand which solution suits you best, gather information on your important and desired visualisation, connect to your data, build your application and train you on how to work with it.
In line with our vision, we will empower you and aim to provide you with tools to further develop and design your own applications and visualisations without attaching you to us by strings.
Should you want further development of additional applications we will gladly help too.