Unleashed Assistant is a browser extension (currently only for Google Chrome), which works on Unleashed’s SaaS inventory management system web interface and assists a user deal with issues related to inaccurate exchange rate.

Unleashed inventory supports only predefined currency rates, set per company.
The assumption is that a company would have a predefined purchase rate, of foreign currency. This may be the case for large purchases, but many suppliers also use spot rates, for their currency. Even more so, as B2C becomes more popular, and there is a need for spot rates.
Unleashed does not support spot rates, and users are required to check rates, on each PO/SO transaction they create.
Not checking and using incorrect rates affects data such as COGS, profitability and discrepancies when unleashed is integrated with an accounting package.

Our extension, enables the user to obtain accurate spot rate for unlimited currencies, and visually alert the user.

Supporting hundreds of currencies and using rates from https://openexchangerates.org

Read Unleashed Assistant’s documentation for more details.

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