Xero is a cloud based SAAS (Software As A Service) accounting software with over 1.2M paid subscribers worldwide.

At its core, Xero is a beautiful, easy-to-use and powerful online accounting platform designed from the ground up for the cloud.

Xero is packed with all core-accounting functionality your business requires. Invoicing, Payments, Purchasing, Payrolls, Bank feeds, Bank reconciliation, Assets management, GL accounts, Reports and many many more.

For further functionality and enhancements, Xero integrates with hundreds of business applications and has a wide community of business advisors and development partners.

Targeted at the SMB, but not limited to it, Xero can easily become your core accounting module when considering a cloud ERP.

For larger companies wanting to move away from complicated and costly ERP systems, cloud accounting is the building block for Cloud ERP. Xero with its Open API’s and hundreds of off-shelf add-ons will perform the task easily.

Webs app solutions developed a number of integrations between ecommerce platform Exigo and Xero. Our custom development post accounting journal entries from your system into Xero, at end of a day, to automate and streamline bookkeeping & business processes.

Webs app solutions can further custom integrate your Xero software with your website or any other business app. And provide training and support through our network of Xero business advisors.