Exigo is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) aimed at MLM and direct selling companies. Exigo delivers a robust core to build your direct selling business upon. Highly customizable PaaS allows for unprecedented access to your data and unlimited flexibility in direct selling software application development.

A flexible, scalable data infrastructure designed to be completely customized to meet client needs while allowing integration by other systems easily. Exigo is packed with features and tools from Tree movements, CRM, compensation plans, commissions, authorships and payment processing to calendar and reporting.

Webs app solutions developed a number of integrations to expand exigo functionalities and to gap areas of your business, not natively supported by Exigo.

  • Core accounting – Xero accounting software
    Our integration aggregate payments data from Exigo, and post it to Xero as a single journal entry. Flexible and customizable to meet client needs and clients GL accounts, with cross referencing between the two systems for auditing and traceability.
  • Inventory management and control – Unleashed software
    Our integration post individual or aggregated data between Exigo and unleashed.With your items consumption data imported to unleashed, you now have clear insight and accurate data into COGS, batch tracking, Productions, assemblies, Purchase Orders, Supplier Returns and more aspects associated with your organisation’s inventory.
  • Transactional emails and delivery of email templates – Mailchimp & Mandrill
    Our integration allows for any piece of data available on the exigo platform to be retrieved, manipulated and sent to your customers using Mailchimp and its transactional email add on Mandrill. It’s like a mail-merge campaign on steroids, flexible and customizable, where the limits are virtually none. Gain insight into your marketing campaigns and emails, and manage your subscriber lists with confidence.
  • Self-service BI – Qlik Sense
    Our integration between exigo and Qlik Sense allows to pull and explore data on demand. Mashup up and combine data from multiple sources. Eliminating the need to export data into excel and manipulating it for further visualisation and analysis. Explore your own data, and look for new ways to view your business. Build your own charts, visualisations and dashboards. Create presentations and share your findings.
  • Data analysis and forecasting – Microsoft PowerPivot & Power BI
    For complicated data analysis and expanding on excel limitations, our integration with PowerPivot allows for the analysis and visualisation of millions of rows. Reduce overheads and gain insight at the fraction of the cost of any other BI solution. Power Pivot is a free add on of Microsoft Excel, allowing to work with large data sets far beyond the 2^20 (1,048,576) row limit of an excel spread sheet. Create your own charts and pivot tables. Build formulas within the PowerPivot model for further calculations. Join and mash up data from multiple source types and data bases.